Discouragement of Music Career

I been through many seasons of discouragement. When I say discouragement I mean the feeling of having my courage, hope, or confidence taken away. There are so many times with my music that I decided that I would “retire” as if I ever had a career. While I may not have a booming career in the financial sense of the word I do have a ministry. I began to realize while my career in music has not always been what I wanted it to be, which led to much discouragement, the impact of my ministry has often surprised me.

I recognize my impact on other people through music, but I have often minimized the extent of that impact. Those time when I thought no one was listening the Lord reveals to me there are SO MANY people listening. The Lord has blessed me with a talent to share that Jesus is Lord, and that is a great thing for you, me, and the whole world. Let me also say to you (reader) the Lord has made you in a special way and he has a purpose and good things in store for you to profess he is Lord. I’m making music again still wanting some type of career and yet that will be under the umbrella of ministry. I hope what is to come in 2019 and beyond will bless you and many others. This is the first song I made since restarting the process of making music entitled Discouragement.

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Jesus is Lord!

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