After 10 years of Marriage….

Yesterday was my 10 year anniversary of marriage with the love of my life. Our marriage has been a beautiful thing. I have learned so much from her including the importance of addressing emotions and I would say she has learned a little from me which includes addressing logic. When we first got married there was so much I was ignorant to, like my superiority complex when it came to my perspective and judgments. As the years went on the Lord began to identify some of my issues through my wife, counseling, and the truth of His gospel which has made me better. Even in the time when we both were in denial about our problems we leaned on God and he made a way out of what seemed to be no way.

On our anniversary yesterday, we got packed, I drove my first Uber customer, and we left St. Louis to head to Memphis, Tennessee. Our Airbnb host is awesome and she has this nice little guest house in her backyard alongside the chickens and the 3 legged dog she owns. Last night we got to ride our bikes throughout Memphis, ending in Midtown where we ate dinner at Hattie B’s, a local restaurant. It was pretty good. It’s known for its hot chicken and we also had collard greens and french fries.

Right Now!

Right now we are both sitting in a McDonald’s in Memphis. It is Sept 20, 2019 the day after our anniversary. My wife has to work a half day online and the WiFi at the Airbnb where we were staying did not connect well with her work computer. So we are spending a couple hours hanging out at McDonald’s and I decided to write this blog.

Marriage is good and one of its purposes is to reflect the relationship between God and his church. It was created for God and his glory. I love my wife and I thank the Lord for her. We have been going to Christian counseling for the last year and a half almost every two weeks. It has been incredible. We fight like animals one week and spend weeks of counseling working through stuff and disliking each other; and we laugh hard together other weeks. I recommend counseling even if you think you do not need it. That is what I thought at one point, but I thought wrong.

Take a look at this wedding footage from 10 years ago.


To conclude Jesus is Lord and he has blessed my marriage and I am thankful. For any married couples out there who are having problems seek Jesus and Christian counseling. Even if your spouse refuses to go at first, you can still go. Ladies love your husband as unto the Lord and Men Love your wife like Christ loved the church.

If you have been married for some time I would like to hear how God has blessed your marriage. Leave a comment below.

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